Victorinox Chef Knife Review

Victorinox Chef Knife Review:

Our Personal Rating: 4.9

The Victorinox chef knife is a very versatile chefs knife with great value for the money. It is an affordable chef knife that will be great for just about any task you have in the kitchen. The blade is stamped from a single piece of high-carbon, stain resistant steel. This particular knife measures 8 inches and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Amazon Review 1:

Perspective: I’m 50+ and have been an amateur cook for 30 years or so. I work with computers, currently.

Like many of my generation, I read “Dress For Success” to tell me how to dress, and for a number of years I toed the line. There was no equivalent book for cooking, but if you read around you got told that you wanted a full-tang, three rivets or more, and a forged-bolster. In those years (70’s-80’s)life was simple. I bought German knives–the usual suspects–and they were fine knives. Hefty, well-balanced. And they really looked good–visitors knew that I was a man of taste and discretion. I would never have bought a knife with a plastic handle.

At some point we all grow out of the need to be thought well of, and the engineer in me started to take over. I saw the knife reviewed in America’s Test Kitchen, and I gave it some consideration for sheer practicality.

This is an outstanding knife. It stays sharp for an incredibly long time (and I have just bought my Diamond sharpening stone–which now gathers dust). The slight upward tilt of the handle is perfect. The slight extra width of the blade is a delight as I use it to pick up the garlic, onions, eggplant, etc. after it’s been sliced/diced. The plastic (or “Fibrox,” if you’re bothered by the word “plastic”) has a nice very slightly rubbery feel that gives it a superb grip, even when wet.

This is a knife designed by mechanical and materials engineers to do the job, without compromise. I’ve just given a Victorinox to my mother–we’ll see if she likes it.

I have bought two other Victorinox knives and am equally pleased.

Amazon Review 2:

This knife is amazing. I saw it had earned the highest review in a cooking magazine, so I went ahead and ordered one — its only $30, right? When it came, I wasn’t too impressed initially — it was lightweight and felt kinda junky. But boy can it cut! I have paid a lot more for knives that didn’t cut nearly as well. I would highly recommend this chef’s knife!

Amazon Review 3:

Wow is all I can say. As many have stated, this it a great knife for the money. I was always amazed how the cooks on America’s Test Kitchen cut through and onion like it was butter with this knife and I can confirm that this knife is really as sharp as they say. It has replaces two german forged steel knives, one chefs and one santoku.

This is now my favorite knife in my collection. I just wish I found it sooner, it would have saved me a couple hundred dollars.

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  2. Rohinton Chothia on January 18th, 2010

    In 1971 I worked with Trust House Forte as a kitchen hand in the pastry department. At that time I visited the Hotelympia Kitchen Expo on their closing day and picked up three Victorinox knives (a 12″ ham slicer, a 9″ serrated palette knife and a 6.5″ palette knife. I paid 25pounds sterling for them. This was a lot of money in those days considering that we earned 6.5 pounds a week !!
    But I still use these knives today after all these years and would not part with them. These are the best knives one can ever own. The best investment one can make.

  3. Pocket Knife Reviews on February 21st, 2010

    Wow, I didn’t even know that Victorinox made kitchen knives.

  4. Scott on November 9th, 2011

    To the owner of this blog site:
    I checked your links and they are expired.
    Just letting you know.

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