RH Forschner Chef Knife Review

R.H. Forschner Chef Knife:

Our Personal Rating: 5/5 stars

The R.H. Forschner chef knife is often referred to as the best value chef knife on the market.  It is much more affordable than the higher end chef knives such as Wuesthoff or Henckel knives.  It is a lighter weight knife that is rarely criticized and often hailed.  Look below for some great deals on this knife as well as some user reviews from amazon.

Amazon Review 1:

The Forschner 40520 was rated as “best overall” in Cooks magazine in Fall 2004. Pretty good report card from “the” chefs magazine. It took top honors over several high end ($80 -$100+) Wusthofs and Henckel models. While they didn’t claim that the Forschner was better at any one specific task or that the craftsmanship can stand up to the others (its blade is cut from a blank ribbon of steel, instead of a hand-forged one piece) they did say that its lighter weight was preferred by some of their testers and that it handled the basics just as well as more expensive models. I just took delivery of mine last week and I am putting it to the test. I can say that it arrives razor sharp…nice… and that it’s fairly well balanced. The handle is made of a grippy composite that allows you to securely hold firm if wet or in akward positions. The handle is a little longer than others I’ve owned, maybe too long for small hands, but it is contoured so you can move up towards the blade for better control. The blade does have a nice rocked contour, which makes chopping & dicing easier. I’ve grown to prefer ligher weight blades and you don’t sacrifice much when it’s this sharp. Overall I would say that for the price, this is a great chef knife..time will tell if any problems develop. Definitely doesn’t have the same craftsmenship or allure of one of the high end Germans, but if your looking for a highly functional, lightweight, standard chef, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Amazon Review 2:

The Forschner knife is the sharpest knife I have ever used. I have a Chicago Cutlery set that I have kept sharp and used for years and swore they were the best. The Forschner was recommended to me by the CountryCook magazine as being relatively inexpensive and better than the Chicago so I ordered it. CountryCook is right: It is better.

Amazon Review 3:

Swiss made, this knife by Forschner is the highest grade you can purchase. It’s technically an 8″ chef’s knife and the stainless steel can be sharpened repeatedly, even though it holds it edge very well. The fibron handle has a strong grip and prevents slipping. The Swiss make great clocks, army knives and now this `series’ of culinary knives that are `top-of-the-line’. It’s so good there is a lifetime warranty. In fact this IS the company that makes Swiss Army Knives! I suggest buying a set if you are truly into good cooking. Voted #1 by “Culinary Magazine”.

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  1. okay on January 31st, 2009

    It’s the same old adage. Sure, you can be happy with something that’s supposedly almost as good for a fraction of the price, and replace it several times over a long period. Or, you can have something that’s hand-made of the best quality that will last you twice, three or five times as long while giving you the best you can get throughout that period. What’s better in the long run? More importantly, what’s more enjoyable over that time?

    With good knives, especially if you’re a home cook, we’re talking pretty much about your lifetime.

    I’m happy with my choice, even if it’s $150.

  2. COILA EDSON on November 21st, 2009

    I am married to a journeyman meat cutter and we purrchased several Forschner knives with some of our wedding money – 33 years ago! They are as good today as they were the day we purchased them. I have read reviews and compared my Forschners to many of the rediculously priced “in” knives that are out there today, as we also live in a very upscale city with retailers like William-Sonoma everywhere, and these other knives do not compare to my Forschners – and they cost 2-10 times more. If you are looking for very good knives, at very reasonable prices, trust the experts (meat cutters & chefs)! Spend the left over cash on jewelry – it is a lot more fun!!!!

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