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If you have not yet heard of Saber chef knives, don’t worry, they are not actually on the market yet.  I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review and offer feedback on this set of knives.  I received this set from the creator himself about a month ago and have been putting them to the test ever since I got them.  First off, I can say that I am really excited about this set of chef knives.  I am told that they will retail for somewhere between $150 and $250 for the set, but they cut and perform at a level consistent with some of the most highly respected chef knives available on the market.  Here is my experience and review from using the Saber chef knives.

First Impressions:
Upon my first examination of the Saber chef knives, I right away noticed just how much thought went into the carrying bag that is included with this knife set.  The bag is very well laid out, it is well put together and makes transportation of the knives not just a breeze, but good looking as well.  But while the bag is definitely great, the knives definitely steal the show.  The first knife I went for was the 10″ chef knife.  It has a very solid and sturdy feel to it with a sharp blade right out of the bag (much like all of the knives have).

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saber knives bag

The next thing I noticed was that all of the knives have the granton edge on them except for the bread knife.  I was told by the designer that his reasoning for this was that if it was good for the Santoku knives, why wouldn’t it be good on all of the other knives.   I can’t help but agree, not to mention, it looks great to me.  As I picked up each knife, I noticed that each and every one of them had a solid and sturdy feel in the hand.  They were all comfortable to grip and had a very nice balance to them.  Overall, I was pretty excited to start using these knives.

About the Chef Knives:
We all like to know exactly what we are cutting with and how it was constructed, so here is a little background on the construction of the Saber chef knives.  First of all, the knives that come in this set are as follows, in no particular order:

– 10″ Ham slicer
– 8″ Bread knife
– 3.5″ Paring knife
-6″ Utility knife
– 8″ Slicer knife
– 4.5″ Paring knife
– 5″ French boning knife
– 7″ Santoku knife
– 10″ Chef knife
– 8″ Chef knife
– 10″ Steel sharpener

The knife blade itself is constructed of single piece hot forged German steel, then ice treated for maximum sharpness.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that means the knives will not only hold their sharpness very well, but will be able to take a new edge over and over again.  As mentioned earlier, the handles are very solid and comfortable to hold.  The handles have a smooth finish and are contoured perfectly to fit your hand.

saber knives

I can see that a lot of thought went not only into the making of the set, but into each knife included in the set.  There is a perfect knife for every job in the kitchen in this Saber Knives set.  Another great touch is that each blade is labeled with the knife blade length and type.  This is a great feature for avid and novice cooks alike.

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Saber Knives Performance
Finally, how well do these knives cut?  In short… amazingly.  I put them up against a standard knife set that retailed for about $100, and they were not even in the same league.  One of my first tests was cutting a giant squash.  Where the standard set was somewhat of a struggle, the Saber knife set excelled and sliced through the squash with ease.  Not only did it cut easily, but smoothly as well.  I used the 10″ chef knife to cut the squash into smaller pieces and it was like butter going through it.

My second test was on a thick cut of pork using the 8″ Slicer knife.  Not only did it easily cut right through the pork, but cutting fat off of the outside of the meat was a breeze.  I felt like I was cutting through jello.  As I tested each of the knives, the results were the same.  They all did their jobs and did them well.  After a month of using these Saber knives, I don’t think I want to give them back.  Oh, and one of the best things is I haven’t sharpened them once and I have not noticed any decline in sharpness.  Can’t complain there.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, I have to say that the Saber chef knife set is a welcome surprise in the chef knife market.  I was not sure what to expect, but as soon as I opened the box, I had a good feeling about these knives.  What I find amazing about these knives is that they will be sold for less than some SINGLE chef knives go for.  But instead of just one chef knife, you get a whole set with quality that is nearly just as good, if not better than some of the high priced chef knives out there.

If you are an avid cook at home or a restaurant chef, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to check out these knives.  Not only is the price right, but they are some seriously impressive knives.  One thing I can tell you from experience is that you may think you are happy with a generic or mediocre knife set, but once you try a set with the quality of these Saber Chef knives, you will kick yourself for settling for mediocrity.  Or, if price was an issue before, then Saber knives have just solved your problem.

Based on quality, construction and price point alone, I give these chef knives my highest rating and a 10/10 review.  If I had a complaint about these knives, it would be that they are too cheap and now everyone will be able to afford knives as nice as mine, but that would just be selfish.  Also, I would love if they came with a knife block to display these in my kitchen, but perhaps that will be a future option.

As more info comes out on these knives, I will try to update my blog, but for now, you will just have to drool over the pictures a little bit.

saber knives

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How To Choose Your Perfect Chef Knife 0

Every good cook requires a good knife. This is the one you reach for first, even before you start assembling your ingredients. But what makes an excellent knife? The most significant thing is the blade. All blades today are made from chrome steel. The thicker the blade and the heavier, the better. The other important factor is the shaft of the blade should go right through the handle. A good blade desires regular sharpening and will last a lifetime.

(Low|Poor} quality knives have thin, pre-sharpened blades that are placed into a plastic handle. When you use them, they bend easily. When they are going blunt, you bin them. Next, you would like a size that suits you.

This varies from person to person. Some people like bigger knives and some people like smaller knives. Go through your kitchen drawer at this time and find all those knives that are too blunt to slice a tomato. Push your thumb against the blade. If it bends, throw it away. If it doesn’t, sharpen the blade.

If you end up throwing all your knives away, you will need to get a new one. Do not be confused by the choice you have when you go shopping. There are consultant knives for pretty much every kitchen purpose. If you bone chickens often, you’ll want a boning knife. If you are a grapefruit addict, you may need a grapefruit knife.

But if you are going to have only 1 perfect knife, then the one to pick is a Chef’s Knife. It is worth spending the additional money to make certain you get the highest quality. It is generally quite a big knife, about a foot long. Even in its largeness, it comes in different sizes. These tend to be wider sizes, rather than longer sizes. Select the size that you find most comfortable.

The critical thing is the shape of the blade. A Chef’s Knife blade looks a bayonet, or a bayonet, or a slightly lopsided Gothic arch, even though it’s only sharp on one side. The top of the knife is pointy, and the base is awfully wide. The blade is smooth, not serrated, but it cuts through bread and tomatoes as easily as it cuts thru plants, meats, and cheeses. In truth, if you’ve got a good Chef’s Knife, you will not even need a bread knife or a carving knife.

The blunt side of the blade is quite thick, and that is significant too. It implies you can use the back of the knife to squash chicken breasts, for example, into schnitzels. Just open out your chicken escallop and beat it down to the thickness you would like. You can also use the back of the knife to tenderize frying steaks.

Price is a good pointer to quality. The pricier knife will have the better, thicker blade. And if you’re buying just one perfect knife, you are able to afford the better quality. One final tip is to store your knife in a special wooden knife-holder. This will help keep the blade sharp for longer. Knives that are in the same drawer with other cutlery go blunt sooner.

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